Brother-Captain Stern

Leader of The Grey Knights of The Jericho Reach


Brother-Captain Stern has served the Grey Knights for many long years and is a prominent Daemonhunter. Stern is nearing his fourth century in the Emperor’s service.

His fate is inextricably linked with that of the Lord of Change daemon named M’Kachen, the instigator of the Cult of the Red Talon. In the Ordo Malleus’s destruction of the cult, Stern faced and banished the daemon back into the warp for one hundred years and a day. When the daemon was able to return to the mortal realm he was devoted to finding Stern and devouring his soul. The two have faced each other in battle several times. If unable to personally face Stern, M’kachen sends one of his most powerful servants to attempt the deed for him.

Stern has battled M’kachen three times so far. Each time, the Brother-Captain has proven his ability to withstand the power of the daemon and defeat the creature.

Brother-Captain Stern

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