Dolph MacLungren

Assault Marine


Wounded – Mechanical Arm Replacement for arm lost to melta cannister meltdown / demonic explosion.


I am of the MacLungren gene seed. The Chaplain was unsure if the seed of my predecessor should even have been harvested. Great as those spawned from it had been, they all possessed the same propensity for pride. Pride that had paid off in the many victories of our clan and the eventual rise of the name MacLungren to Captain. Pride that had faced the darkest of demons and never failed, except once. The shame was great. For our clan’s holy relic was taken by the follower’s of Chaos when my predecessor, Kel MacLungren, had wielded it in a last ditch attempt to gain victory. In his pride and inability to call a retreat, the mighty sword had been lost as he charged into the overwhelming foe thinking that victory had still been possible. The leader of the vast army of Chaos Marines (Chelat) sought to make a point. As his followers soon overwhelmed our leader and held him before his mobile throne. He raised our blessed sword and hewed the sword arm off our then Captain at the shoulder. He was still alive as he took off all of his subsequent limbs and tossed them one by one back at our decimated ranks, laughing wildly. Finally, he speared our once great Captain and raised him like an unholy Popsicle, puppetry most vile and mockery that burns to my very genetic core. It burns each time my Chaplain looked at me during my training. Expecting me to atone the sins of my line. For without our sword Saignean (Gaelic for lightning), our honor is compromised and our clan lowered in the eyes of the Emperor. My training was not pleasant. I was held to standards even a fully blooded Space Marine would shudder at. They all wanted me to fail. To die for the sin of my father. But it only made me more determined than ever to recover not only the great and holy Saignean, but to use it to take the head of our Clan’s mortal enemy Chelat. But I must be stronger and my companions must be men of true might to assist me in my endeavor. If I do not succeed. I will not be allowed to walk the halls of my home again. For to return without Saignean is to return to not only my death, but the end of my line forever. Stricken from the records and never to be spoken of again.

Dolph MacLungren

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