Inquisitor Malthus, Ordo Hereticus


Malthus is a very junior Inquisitor who doesn’t seem to be able to keep his place. He is admirably active but seems to delight in investigations that should be passed on to more experienced Inquisitors. So far his results have been sound but he is clearly to be watched closely. One of his acolyte teams has already had to be purged, another shows signs of deviance and there are signs that he willing to use questionable help. Has a raging temper, but this isn’t unusual in Inquisitors.

Conclave Calix Council Notes
Subject: Inquisitor Malthus, Ordo Hereticus

Purity: A complete review of his purity and faith conducted after Mosul Incident {G78-HP78960.76-Sanctus Cruciatus}. No sign of heresy or mutation, all actions upheld.

Methodology: Malthus can conduct himself as a human chameleon, blending into any organization until he bursts forth with his holy retribution. Frequently travels incognito and out of contact for extended periods. Rumors of Callidus training cannot be confirmed through official channels currently, more supplication needed to the Administratum on this.

Completed Investigations:
Lehyde Ten: Local actions taken. Heretics purged.
Kudrun: Heresy free, political plot turned to Arbiters.
Heterodyne: Mass purges of ruling families of sub-continent 3. Imperial Guard and Sisters of Blessed Martyr used to cleanse by fire. Tainted acolyte team destroyed in Incident {YY7-TA63982.11}.
Granithor: No public records of results. Malthus must report on this. This is not to be tolerated! Report sent to Terra on his obstinance, awaiting result of supplication.

Current Investigations:

Inquisitor Malthus, Ordo Hereticus

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