Destroyed by Gravitational Anomaly

Virimonde 2 is the 2nd of 5 planetary bodies in its system, and the only planet within the habitable zone of its Sun, Virimonde Prime. During the Dark Age of technology the planet was terra-formed and scheduled to become an agricultural planet when the planet was assaulted by the combined forces of the Orks, Eldar, and Demiurge fleets. During the pitched battle the birth of the Dark God Slaanesh occurred and threw the warp into turmoil.

The battle eventually ended with the devastated forces being forced to inhabit the planet. In the following millennial the population divided into separate races and proceeded to continue their eons long war on the planet.

By the time the Age of Strife finally ended and the first crusade had found the lost planet a stalemate had been reached and the many races found themselves involved in a never ending war. Instead of allowing the Imperium’s forces to cleanse the planet of Xenos the newly appointed Governor General created a massive fortress-city at the heart of which was the Arena.

The Arena became the heart of not only the city but the world. Gladiators that have won enough fights are able to afford passage off the planet for themselves and their families. However the fights consist of facing both human and Xenos opponents.

Over time the orbiting ships collided and formed a massive space hulk that acts as the planets only moon. Due to fears of altering the planets tides and causing worldwide devestation the Governor General has outlawed salvage operations within the “moon”.

Outside the city the population lives in a near medieval level of technology, with gunpowder being the most advanced form of weaponry.

Note: The Xenos have devolved into more traditional fantasy types.

The greenskin Orks are still brutal and violent, always seeking to create a greater Waaagh. Orc Analog.
The stout Demiurge have used their love of engineering and technology to create an underground kingdom. Dwarf Analog.
The agile Eldar have been reverted to forest dwelling hunters. Elf Analog.


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